Eau de Goat

It seems like something is missing around here and I recently figured out what it was.  It is late September and there is not even a whiff of buck stench around here.  Usually by this time of the year, goat breeding season is coming up and the buck is putting on his eau de cologne.  Most people can smell it as soon as they pull in the driveway and can’t make it to the barn before naseua sets in.  But in July, I sent the sheep and goats to a friend’s house, so this autumn all I will smell is wood smoke and fallen leaves. 

Something in my life had to give.  I am halfway through a low-residency graduate program (I am working on a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland), and I couldn’t keep up with school, my daughter, the garden, the house, and the livestock.  The livestock had to go.

I do miss them sometimes, but I don’t miss breeding season.  Last fall my friends Michael and Sinnerjee stopped by, Michael to hunt and Sinnerjee to hang out.  I took Sinnerjee to the barn and introduced him to the animals.  He thought they were all cute, but he loved the buck.  He reached up to pet him, and I tried to warn him.  “Don’t touch his head, ” I said.  “The doe is coming into season and he is very smelly right now.  You’ll never get that off your hands if you touch him.”

“That’s okay,” Sinnerjee said. “I love that smell.  It’s the essence of Nature.”  I had forgotten that Sinnerjee is a devote of Pan, so it makes sense that goat stench appeals to him.  No matter.  I won’t miss it a bit.



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