Autumn 2012: Day Three

I’m already behind!  Well, that’s how it goes in the autumn. It’s a lovely time of the year, but when you live in the country, you can’t escape that feeling of winter looking over your shoulder.  

I found someone to sharpen my saw.  Last year I decided to purchase a one-person (woman in this case) cross-cut saw.  I take a picture for you, but it’s in the shop at the moment!  I heat with wood, and I wanted to cut some of my own fuel, but I am not comfortable with using a chain saw.  They are dangerous, noisy, and smelly.  For centuries, until the mid-1900s, cross-cut saws were the tool of choice for cutting trees for firewood.  It takes a lot longer (and I don’t cut ALL of my own wood), but I like being able to hear the forest sounds around me, and it’s really good exercise.

Not much change in the leaves yet, but it is coming!





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