Rolo’s Dog Treats

The weather continues to be uncooperative as far as collecting sap is concerned, so faced with another snowy, blowy day, I decided to bake some dog treats.  I’ve been saving bacon grease and I had a little bit of peanut butter in the bottom of a jar, so that became the flavor.  I don’t have much experience with dog treats, so I figured I would just proceed as I would with cookies:  cream the fats, add egg and any flavorings, add the dry ingredients and some water to mix.  That seemed to work well.

Cream the fats to start, just like you would for cookies.

Cream the fats to start, just like you would for cookies.

Some recipes call for sugar, but I didn’t see any reason to add that.  I may be culturally conditioned to consider sugar a treat, but my dogs have always seemed to prefer three-day-old road kill, so I left out the sweetener.

All mixed up

All mixed up

Rolo smelled them before they even made it to the oven and came out to the kitchen to watch and to see if he could trip me and get to eat some raw.  I was on to him, though, and they all made it into the oven.  When he finally got to taste them, he pronounced them delicious.

Roll out to about 1/8" thick.

Roll out to about 1/8″ thick.

Rolo’s Treats

1/2 C. of bacon fat

1/2 C. of peanut butter

1 egg

1 1/2 C. whole wheat flour

1/2 C.  wheat germ

2 T. water (approximate)

Cream bacon grease and peanut butter.  Add egg and mix until creamy.  Add flour and wheat germ.  Mix to combine and add enough water to mixture so that it forms a ball.  Roll out the dough on a floured surface and cut into one inch shapes.  Bake at 300 deg. 18-20 minutes until slightly brown.  Cool on wire racks and stash in a container before the dog eats them all.  Makes about 70 treats.

Gimme the treat!  Gimme the treat!

Gimme the treat! Gimme the treat!


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