No More Wasted Garlic

I just made my first batch of garlic powder and it was really easy. I know I’m ridiculously proud of myself, but I hate wasting things and in years past that’s what happened to the garlic. Garlic is a bulb and like onions, daffodils and tulips, it begins to sprout in the spring. These little green shoots start to grow out of the top of the cloves.



Photo by Diane Sloan


Those don’t bother me, but as they grow, the clove begins to dry up and turn brown. One year I just tossed the garlic I hadn’t used on the compost pile. I STILL have garlic coming up in that spot years later!

One of my favorite YouTubers is Mrs. Wolfie from Our Half Acre Homestead. She dries and grinds up all kinds of things. She even makes her own chicken bouillon! I figured I could do the same with garlic, and it worked!

I pull my garlic in July and hang it in the barn for a week or so. When the heads are dry, I brush off the dirt, trim the roots and sort the heads. I keep the largest ones for planting in October, and I put the rest into a mesh bag and hang it in the kitchen where I use the garlic fresh from July through April or May. This year when I noticed the little green shoots coming, I decided to take the rest of the garlic and chop it up. I filled a half-pint jelly jar with chopped garlic and poured olive oil over it. Some people keep garlic in olive oil on the shelf, but I am putting it in the fridge just in case.

I spread the rest of the chopped garlic on two of my dehydrator trays and dried it until it felt hard and crispy–about 12 hours. Then I used my spice grinder–also known as the extra coffee grinder–to grind them up into powder. It took seconds and now I have a jar full of homemade garlic powder and no decomposing garlic bulbs to deal with. This makes me so happy.



1 Comment

  1. Gerri said,

    June 6, 2014 at 8:04 pm

    Ha,you’re now a Mrs.Wolfie fan,that’s GREAT!!!

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